Anmier Smart Fitness Tracker Review

Anmier Smart Fitness Tracker Review

Staying fit and healthy requires plenty of hard work. This is the reason that even the most health conscious people neglect their fitness. Pursuing your fitness goals consistently needs the right form of motivation.

Fortunately, technology can help you maintain your fitness and health and provide you with sufficient motivation. Smart fitness trackers are a good step in this direction. They help track your heart rate, the steps you take daily including walking and running, and the calories you burn during a given time.

Trackers even help assess your sleep quality as to how light or deep you sleep, ensuring your fitness and health is well covered.

The Anmier smart tracker is one such product that combines several fitness-focused functions, giving users an easy and efficient way to track their fitness efforts. It comes at a very affordable price and has excellent features, a heady combo that is irresistible for the smart shopper.

Let us look at the various features, pros, and cons of the fitness tracker and see how it measures up.


The Anmier smart tracker is designed to track your health in multiple ways. The features aim at keeping you motivated. With the tracker’s assistance, you can enhance your wellness in an effective way in the present and future too.

Here are some of the important features the tracker bracelet has:

  • Wrist based monitor for heart rate automatically tracks the rate in 10-minute intervals with real time 24-hour heart rate
  • The number of heart beats per minute can be easily obtained without having to interrupt your workout
  • Sports tracking feature enables tracking of steps, distance, time, and the calories you burn during your daily activities.
  • It can summarize your annual, monthly, weekly, and daily activities and save them on your mobile, enabling you to assess your fitness level successfully
  • The tracker can identify your sleep and awake states, thereby monitoring sleep progress with a clear analysis of light and deep sleep hours
  • Has IP57 certification and is water proof, making it wearable 24/7 for routine daily activities but not for swimming
  • It is stylish in design and comfortable to use
  • Connecting the smart tracker with the specific companion app helps you to get call and message notifications via vibration, so you will not miss any important calls or messages
  • Messages from social media apps including Skype, WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, Kaokao Talk, Line etc. can also be received
  • Compatible with Android version 4.3 and above, and for Apple iOS version 8.0 and later
  • Ideal for Samsung and Apple devices including 5, 7, 6 S Plus series and Note S7, S6, 5 and S5.

Why Anmier smart tracker is right for your fitness

  • It identifies your level of activity and provides you with a fully customized daily fitness goal
  • Displays the distance you have covered in a day
  • Helps to know the calories you have burnt
  • Gives accurate reading of steps you have taken including while walking and running
  • Monitors sleep and can track the length and quality of your sleep
  • Waterproof feature enables using it while showering and washing provided you do not soak it in water
  • Long lasting battery power which needs just one hour of charging to provide you with 7 days of charge
  • Accurate tracking of measurements
  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Design is attractive
  • Syncs to iOS and Android phones equally well

Why Anmier tracker is not for you

  • Tracker for heart rate is not that accurate, giving confusing ratings for strenuous and relaxed activities
  • Data in the tracker resets if it is disconnected from the mobile
  • Time also gets reset when not connected to the mobile phone
  • Instructions are difficult to understand with small sized icons
  • The app is not very good as it does not store the stats or data properly and is difficult to read
  • The app does not have the 12 hour format that the tracker is provided with
  • The absence of color and graph depiction for the readings makes it difficult to monitor
  • It is a bit bulkier for those with small wrists


With multiple features compressed into a single small tracker, the Anmier tracker is a true smart device endowed with health conscious facets all over.

From monitoring sleep and heart rate to monitoring steps and calories, the tracker provides a good reason for staying motivated.

With the heart rate tracking you can easily record the beats per minute of your heart, while the sleep monitor keeps you informed of whether your sleep is a light one or a deep one.

When you exercise putting in your best efforts, the tracker helps to give you precise information on the number of calories you have burnt during the activity.


When compared to the Fitbit Surge and other high-end expensive trackers, Anmier has most of the advanced tracking features but at a very affordable rate. The size is smaller and more convenient to wear compared to its expensive competitors, making it a good purchase. The battery life is pretty good and lasts longer than the other models.


The Anmier smart tracker is a comprehensive fitness solution that fitness enthusiasts would benefit from immensely. If you are looking for an affordable fitness tracker that has a good number of tracking features, the Anmier is an apt choice.

It does quite a large number of monitoring tasks, including counting the steps your take, stairs you have climbed, your heart rate, the distance you have covered running and walking, and much more.

The regular daily, monthly, weekly, and annual statistics help you to manage your fitness routine and improve it.

Despite the large feature list, the product fails in its app, which is not as up to date as its more expensive counterparts.  As for accuracy, it is as accurate as any other fitness tracker device on the market, including the expensive ones.

For those who are looking for an inexpensive tool to monitor general activity levels this is ideal, but if you are an athlete or bodybuilder looking to track your workouts accurately this is not the device for you. In general, beginners would benefit hugely from this tracker device.

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