Best Smart Scale: Top 3 Options

Best Smart Scale Top 3 Options

Choosing the best smart scale is one of the main responsibilities when looking to invest in your health. You will need to see which model works the best for you and you`ll also need to find the right balance between performance, features and your objective.

Many times, it can be a good addition to have a feature which measures hydration levels for example, as it can speed up your results. Other users might prefer good connectivity as the results can be easily synchronized with a smartphone in this case.

Some features are only made for certain scales as the technologies might be patented by the manufacturer. But most technologies can be used by various manufacturers and they can present a good base for consistent performance with accurate results. For the best features with up to date technologies, you can choose from the three models recommended below:

Weight Gurus Bluetooth Smart Connected Body Fat Scale

The Weight Gurus Bluetooth Smart Connected Body Fat Scale is one of the top models which come with good overall performance in a modern and attractive design. The scale can, of course, measure body weight. But it will also be capable of BMI, body fat and the muscle mass.

Extra features include the water weight measurement and the bone mass readings which can be crucial indicators in your overall health.


  • Complete body measurements which include BMI, body fat and muscle mass
  • 2lbs accuracy
  • Wight capacity of up to 400lbs


  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Compatible with Google Fit
  • Compatible with Apple Health
  • Compatible with MyFitnessPal


  • Conflicts with multiple users of same weight


The scale represents a good option if you want complete body measurements. These include the standard weight and body fat readings. But the device can also indicate your BMI, hydration and muscle mass. This makes it a good tool for your fitness and health objectives.

The good news is that the scale comes with good connectivity. Options include Bluetooth connectivity and Apple or Android synchronization.


If you are serious about your health you will need to consider a complete smart scale which can monitor all your essential indicatives. Wight Gurus` recommended option is perfect for this as it comes with a complete range of technologies.

Yunmai Smart Scale

The Yunmai Smart Scale comes with complete body measurements which can prove useful if you have any fitness goals.

Whether you are looking to lose or gain weight, the scale can help you get there in a better way, with more specific data which can help you adjust nutrition or the exercise level. The scale measures body weight, body fat, muscle mass, water levels, bone mass, BMR, BMI, protein, body age and even visceral fat.


  • Visceral fat, BMR and protein measurements
  • Smartphone synchronization
  • Multiple users support
  • Premium polymer materials


  • Reduced weight
  • Complete health indicators measurement
  • No setup needed


  • MyFitnessPal is one through Apple Health and Google Fit


The scale represents one of the complete options which go further by providing extra measurements such as with the visceral at reading. Visceral fat is important as it gets burnt the hardest.

It has also been linked to many health conditions, especially in men. This is why having the feature can be great when you try to lose weight. The body age reading is another advanced function which can approximate your fitness level according to age groups.


The scale represents a top choice if you value total body measurements which come with premium designs which are based on the organic polymer construction.

Withings Body

The Withings Body is one of the most popular smart scales on the market. The truth is that it offers a good overall experience which might be hard to replicate by the competition.

The scale measures the weight, BMI, body fat, muscle and bone mass or the water levels in the body. Even more, the scale comes with automatic synchronization for the most popular smartphone operating systems.


  • Measures MBI and body fat
  • Automatic synchronization
  • Works with MyFitnessPal


  • Great for achieving fitness goals
  • Works with targeted nutrition
  • Shows weather report
  • Multiple users support


  • Can be slippery on some surfaces


The Withings Body is one of the top scales on the market as it comes with all the features you might need. It adds good connectivity and leads to one of the modern products which are perfect when you try to keep an eye on your fitness goals.

The scale even shows a minimal weather report and thus you`ll know what to expect every day in terms of clothing choices.


The scale works great as an overall tool for fitness tracking. To truly use it to its potential you will need to set a goal such as losing or gaining weight or even maintaining your weight.


If you`re unsure on which model to choose from with these 3 scales you will have to decide on which features are the most important to you. If you are looking for the best design, the organic polymer of the Yunmai Smart Scale might be the best option for you.

If you`re looking to make a wider impact you can choose the Yunmai Smart Scale. The manufacturer donates a small percentage of the revenue to social causes regularly. And finally, if you need a complete tool which can help you push for your fitness goals, the Withings Body might be the best overall option

When looking for a smart scale it`s not always possible to find the best product for both features and construction quality. When you add the connectivity you really get a unique product which needs to be used according to your own goals.

The good news is that you can choose from any of these 3 models for the ultimate experience every day. You can even check indicators like body age or visceral fat, but most importantly, smart scales will keep track of your fitness journey.

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