RENPHO Bluetooth Body Fat Scale Review

RENPHO Bluetooth Body Fat Scale Review

The RENPHO Bluetooth Body Fat Scale comes with 4 high precision sensors to ensure accurate results. Even more, the scale uses 4 electrodes to ensure you get the accurate results quickly. The performance of the scale is combined with a good user experience. Thus, you will be able to use the scale in seconds.

All you need to do to use it for the first time is to download and install the dedicated app. The RENPHO Bluetooth Body Fat Scale is capable of measuring weight, body fat, body water, muscle mass and BMI. This makes it a good option for a complete approach to a healthier lifestyle.

If you are looking for seamless smartphone integration, you can do this by synchronizing the app with the Google Fit and the Apple Health. You can also further your fitness knowledge by synchronizing the readings with the Fit Bit app.


  • 9 essential body measurements
  • 4 sensors and 4 electrodes
  • Tempered glass construction


  • Modern design
  • Social media integration
  • Easy setup
  • Automatic data saving when phone not in range


  • Needs quality batteries


The scale uses one of the best technologies to connect and synchronize to your smartphone. Bluetooth has been widely used in the industry as it provides a solid platform for practical and fast data synchronization.

Some users might fear the fact that the loss of connectivity in the area may lead to readings’ loss. But the scale comes with automatic data saving technology. This means it will save all measurements and it will only synchronize with your smartphone when it is in range. This will ensure you will not lose data and that you can trust your scale to make daily readings.

There are 9 essential body composition measurements that come with the smart scale. They include the weight and body fat measurements which are the starting point of good scales. Then the device is capable of measuring bone mass, skeletal muscle, protein BMI and even the water levels.

Measuring body fat is one of the essential characteristics of a smart scale.

Since fat cannot be reduced overnight, you will need to ensure you give your best to measure the percentage as often as possible. This will give you the opportunity to monitor trends and to see the direct and the rhythm of your fitness journey.

Since body fat is influenced by nutrition and exercise levels, you can learn more about the topic by using the dedicated smartphone app. Using extended apps from Google and Apple will give you the opportunity to monitor other variables which influence body fat such as sleeping patterns and overall activity levels throughout the day.

Water level indications may also impact your weight and your body fat analysis. This means you`ll get the opportunity of working closely with other body composition readings to make the most out of your smart scale and to ultimately improve your health.

This is why you will need to consume more water to actually avoid water retention problems. You can also suffer from dehydration and this is why you can benefit from using the dedicated water level reading.


One way of determining if the smart scale is right for your need is by comparing it to other similar devices. This is why the RENPHO Bluetooth Body Fat Scale can be compared to the W8 Smart Body Fat Weight Scale.

Since both scales are quite affordable, it is worth considering they are good options for most households. They will not be competition to premium design but they will certainly represent a good choice for any home. This being said, there are some small differences which might help you make the right decision.

The durable glass construction of the RENPHO with the 4 electrodes recommends it for modern bathrooms with metal inserts and decorations. The W8 scale works for most households. But the W8 also has contact area technologies but just not as visible.

The ITO Conductive Surface technology is responsible for quickly delivering the readings. This means that while both scales use contact area technologies, the RENPHO scale tries to bring this up as a top design feature while the W8 scale tries to blend it with the rest of the design in a sleeker approach. You will be glad to know that both scales actually deliver quick results.

In terms of performance, they are both quite similar. The W8 offers the visceral fat reading which is more precise in the last stages of weight loss. The RENPHO scale offers protein readings which might be helpful when trying to build muscle. The best choice will be the one which suits your needs.


The RENPHO Bluetooth Body Fat Scale is one of the best choices for people looking to use a complete device which can be considered for its design as well. With the 4 visible electrodes on the contact surface, the scale represents a modern approach which may even seem futuristic to some users.

Regardless of the design, the scale scores good points with the ease of use the easy setup. It will also work for those who want good Bluetooth connectivity and synchronization without data loss. But most importantly, the scale can offer a great tool to reach your fitness goals.

The smart scale was designed for the modern home and the modern user. It connects to Google Fit and Apple Health which means it will work with most modern smartphones.

The native app can also synchronize with the Fit Bit app and this opens up new opportunities in terms of data interpretation and goal setting. You will have the ability to target your nutrition and go for a specific number of calories each day.

Most importantly, this will be done considering your overall objective. If you plan to lose weight, these apps will recommend you a small caloric deficit together with a good exercise routine. But the good news is that this can be achieved in an organized manner by using the smart scale and checking your progress.

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