multifun Bluetooth Body Fat Scale Review

multifun Bluetooth Body Fat Scale Review

The Bluetooth Body Fat Scale comes with an attractive design with fast data synchronization. The good news is that the scale is capable of offering a complete picture on your body`s composition.

Thus you will get 14 readings which can rival even more expensive models. These readings include the weight, body fat and BMI/BMR. If you are looking to get into a detailed perspective on your health and fitness, using the visceral fat and the muscle measurements might be a good addition.

Protein readings might also help you get a better understanding of the muscle density and percentage of the total body. This is where you would look to maximize the use of the scale by tracking your muscle development with your weight gain goals or even to prevent the effect of aging a muscle loss.

The multifun Bluetooth Body Fat Scale also offers readings on the water level in the body which should be used together with all the readings. Water represents an essential component in the body and this is why you will have to learn to balance your needs according to your goal.


  • Fast Bluetooth connectivity
  • Complete body composition analysis with 14 indexes
  • Auto recognition
  • Multiple user support


  • Tempered glass construction
  • Cloud storage
  • LED display
  • Low power indicator
  • Overload indicator


  • Might be small for some people


The scale can represent an affordable method of getting to use such a powerful device. It comes to meet all your essential health indicators in terms of body composition and can be one of the recommended solutions for people looking to improve their health.

From a tracking perspective, there is a reassuring feeling which comes with the Cloud storage. This means you`ll have your data safe at all times and you can even access it on the go. For example, if you go on a holiday and want to check your fitness progress you can simply access your track from any location.

For fast data synchronization, the scale uses Bluetooth connectivity. This represents one of the most popular connectivity options on the market. It can connect directly to your smartphone or tablet which means you will always have your data with you.

Energy efficiency is also above standard with the scale as it comes with the auto ON and OFF functions. These functions save battery life and only turn on the device when you step on it.

Since such powerful smart scales with so many body composition readings need good batteries, the scale comes with a power indicator which will help you navigate through improved energy efficiency. You will also get an overload indicator with the scale but with a 400lbs capacity, it should work well for most users.

The display is not the most modern but it does its job very well and is also energy efficient. The LED technology ensures that the measurements are easy to read. They come against a blue background which is easy on the eyes as well.

But most importantly, the smart scale offers 14 body composition readings which give it an important role in your overall health tracking. You will now be able to monitor your body fat percentage.

The fat stored by the human body has been associated with many conditions, including heart problems. This is why it is important to consider measuring your body fat as often as possible to adjust your lifestyle accordingly.

With muscle mass readings, you will be able to establish a clear understanding of your body. You will thus be able to find the right balance between muscle and body fat.

Since some fat is essential for a healthy body, you will need to adjust your goals to a healthy ratio and this is where the scale can offer the readings which indicate if you are going in the right direction.

The scale is also capable of measuring visceral fat. This fat is known for its stubbornness as it is the hardest to burn. This is why you will see that visceral fat will diminish the slower than the rest of the body fat.


The Bluetooth Body Fat Scale is a solid performer which is hard to match in affordability. Compared to the RENPHO Bluetooth Body Fat Scale, it holds up very well in terms of body composition analysis. Both scales come with complete readings which are helpful with the native smartphone app.

Both scales use tempered glass which is known for its durability and can represent a good material in a slippery environment such as a bathroom. The Bluetooth Body Fat Scale is nearly a pound lighter and while it might not represent a huge difference it can be a good choice for the users who travel or who will move the scale from room to room.


The multifun Bluetooth Body Fat Scale is one of the best choices if you are looking to improve your overall health on a budget. The scale offers good performance with a durable design which might be enough for most home users.

When you add that you can monitor multiple body composition indicators, you really get a product which is aimed at keeping track of your health. You can also use the device if you plan to lose or gain weight as it comes with functions which support these goals and you can approach them from an organized perspective.

The scale offers all you need from a smart device. It comes with Bluetooth connectivity which is fast and secure. The data is saved in the Cloud which means it will be accessible from any mobile device. It also comes with a native smartphone app which can be further integrated with other apps and open new possibilities for your health tracking needs.

This is why it is important to consider a scale which is not only capable of measuring your body composition but which also comes with good connectivity and usability. The experience you get using this scale will thus come with potential health improvements as you`ll get to know your body better.

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