W8 Smart Body Fat Weight Scale Review

W8 Smart Body Fat Weight Scale Review

The W8 Smart Body Fat Weight Scale can offer a range of body measurements which can help you achieve better health. Increased body fat levels have been associated with some heart conditions and this is why maintaining a healthy lifestyle is necessary for modern humans.

As we tend to spend more time indoors and less time doing physical activities, measuring your weight and other indicators such as the muscle or bone mass is crucial.

The W8 Smart Body Fat Weight Scale use ITO Conductive Surface technology to measure a wide range of health indicators. The good news is that the scale uses Bluetooth to synchronize the readings to your smartphone.

The whole process should not take more than a few seconds, just step on the scale and the readings will be done within 5 seconds.


  • ITO Conductive Surface technology
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Full body composition analysis


  • Shows readings within 5 seconds
  • High accuracy for body fat measurements
  • Bluetooth connectivity


  • Might be better suited for weight loss goals


The scale represents one of the best options for people looking to maximize their fitness efforts. Unlike many similar products, it synchronizes with your smartphone in seconds, offering complete readings on your health indicators.

You will be able to measure your weight and BMI. Body fat and visceral fat readings are also highly important and this is why you can use the scale in your weight loss efforts.

The scale has one of the best technologies which measure visceral fat. This type of abdominal fat comes with its own risks and keeping it under control will take effort both with nutrition and with the exercise routine,

Muscle mass can also be measured with the scale. This might be a good alternative for those looking to gain muscle mass as there are not many technologies with smart scales dedicated for this purpose.

This is why it might be a good idea to use the reading to keep track of your muscle mass through the dedicated app which can clearly show you the progress through time.

Bone mass readings can also be important. As we age we tend to lose bone mass and adjusting an adequate nutrition and even supplementation may be required in some cases. But having a clear understanding on the bone mass level is the starting point to any dedicated diet or workout plan.

The performance of the scale is ensured by the fast response. This is the case with both the readings on the scale itself and on your smartphone with smart synchronization.

The good news is that the readings are done within 5 seconds which means you`ll spend less time on the scale and more time doing sports or preparing healthy meals to reach your fitness goals.

The design of the scale is made to match the performance. This is why the device has been well received by the fitness community as it comes with a modern and stylish design to suit every home.

Besides coming with complete and fast readings, the scale is made with impact resistant glass which will ensure that the scale will continue functioning, even after potential accidents.

With such a strong overall product, the manufacturer is pleased to announce that there is a satisfaction guaranteed policy with the scale. You will also get a replacement scale within one year if anything goes wrong with your device. With a solid construction, the scale might be among the recommended options for home use.


If you`re unsure about the smart scale you can always compare it to similar products to see which it better suited for your needs. This is why you can compare the W8 Smart Body Fat Weight Scale with the Withings Body to see the type of scale you need for your own fitness goals.

W8`s scale comes with complete fitness indicators which make it one of the best options if you want to track essential readings such as weight and body fat but you also want to track bone or muscle mass. The scale synchronizes through Bluetooth technology which works with most modern smartphones.

Withings` scale offers similar readings but it connects via Wi-Fi. While none of these connectivity techniques are ideal, it can be the case the Withings scale has more home independence as you can move it freely from room to room.

The W8 scale offers Bluetooth connectivity which can synchronize the readings directly to your phone and this is one of the best alternatives for modern users.

If you don`t need direct synchronization with MyFitnessPal, the W8 scale can represent a good option if you plan to keep track of all your essential indicators and can be the motivation behind your fitness efforts.


The Withings Body smart scale is one of the best options for people who are serious about health and fitness. It represents one of the recommended alternatives if you plan to track all of your essential indicators and this is why you should only aim to purchase it if you plan to use most of the features. If you need a regular scale, you will have no use of knowing your visceral fat levels.

It’s also worth noting that these readings can truly stand out with the native app or other synchronized apps which can help you keep track of your fitness efforts. This will give you a clear indication on the nutrition and exercise routine results you will need and can represent the closest experience to a dietician or a personal trainer.

If you`re unsure about the average level of indicators such as bone mass or visceral fat, you can use the dedicated app to learn more about these topics.

The good news is that while everybody is different, some general guidelines still apply. These guidelines will help you go through the required steps to take your fitness level further. And this should be the main goal of the  Smart Body Fat Weight Scale.

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