ASAKUKI 2017 Bluetooth Body Fat Scale Review

Asakuki 2017 Bluetooth Body Fat Scale

The 2017 Bluetooth Body Fat Scale comes with an impressive and modern design. The scale is within the affordable range but it has some performance characteristics which might make it one of the best choices for people looking to get in shape fast.

The good news is that you can continuously measure your body composition as the device comes with automatic recognition. This means it has the capacity of recognizing the users as soon as you step on the scale. It does this by comparing previous readings and can be a time-saving solution for your daily measurements.

So what does the scale do? It can, of course, measure your weight. But its smart technologies allow it to measure other indicators as well. They include the body fat measurement which is essential to any smart scale as it is the number one indicator of nutrition healthiness and physical activity levels.

But the scale can also measure muscle mass which can also impact body fat. This is due to the fact that muscle burns more body fat and the more muscle you build the faster your metabolism will get.


  • Calculates BMI
  • Measures body fat percentage
  • Tracks water content


  • Modern design
  • Lightweight construction
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Bright screen


  • Uses personal data feedback


The 2017 Bluetooth Body Fat Scale represents one of the best options if you are looking for a complete device which is capable of delivering complete readings on your body`s composition. The good news is that some of the readings might help you further with your health as they can place you on the right track towards a better fitness.

Body composition measurements include water readings. These readings can have an important role for your overall health. Water is needed to sustain daily activities and this is why you should know what your body needs and when it is the best time to drink the water.

This can be tracked using the scale and the good news is that you will begin to learn the reactions and in time you will reduce the need of the scale as you will get accustomed to the needed water intake.

Another interesting body composition reading which comes with the scale is the muscle mass measurement. Unfortunately, as we age we tend to lose muscle mass and strength. This is why it is important to slow down the process by eating healthy and varied food but also keeping up with an exercise routine.

You will be glad to know that the smart scale can help you achieve this and the more effort you put in the more visible the results will be. But muscle mass readings can also be required for younger people who want to gain weight and struggle with the required caloric intake.

Making daily measurements will help you see the direction in which you are heading and can be a good tool for this purpose.

Fat composition is an essential measurement of the scale. Primarily, it comes to help those who are looking to lose weight but it can also be a good solution for those looking to gain healthy weight. Body fat has been associated with many health problems. It is not unusual to see people with circulatory issues with high body fat percentages.

It is also not unusual to see people who struggle with breath due to the extra weight. But excess body fat can also present a huge stress on the joints of the legs as they have to support the extra weight. This is why managing your body fat can be one of the best skills for your overall health.

Many people don`t know where to start so in this situation, using the smart scale is the perfect opportunity to keep track of your progress.

The scale is also energy efficient as it powers ON and OFF when needed. As soon as you step off the scale it will turn off which means it will save battery life. And this is important. Many top performing smart scales have been known for their high energy demands and saving battery life can be one of the top priorities of good smart scales.


The 2017 Bluetooth Body Fat Scale comes with great connectivity and ultimate performance. The good news is that it is also affordable. But how will it compare to the Bluetooth Body Fat Scale? The truth is that both devices are very similar. They offer top performance with body composition analysis and can be used as great devices for any health-conscious person.

The 2017 Bluetooth Body Fat Scale is slightly lighter which means it will get a small portability plus. This will be great if you move it from location to location. But the 2017 Bluetooth Body Fat Scale also scores higher in terms of design. With its modern and bright display, it is hard to find anything similar within this range to actually offer such a simple and attractive design.


The 2017 Bluetooth Body Fat Scale is one of the best performing affordable scales. It comes with an impressive design which is based on the latest requirements. It combines a simple design with a modern look to offer a device which can fit in any bathroom. The good news is that its modern display will also add a touch of class to your home.

The scale is perfect if you plan to monitor multiple health indicators. Since it comes with readings for body fat, muscle, water levels etc. it should represent a top choice for people looking to get their first smart scale. It will also work for people who want to reach a certain fitness goal.

This can represent losing or gaining weight, but it can be based on a more scientific approach. Since you will be able to track all the reading on your smartphone, you can access your profile on the go as well. With Bluetooth connectivity, the scale is ready for the latest requirements in the health and fitness industry.

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