Are Smart Scales Worth It?

Are Smart Scales Worth It

Smart scales can represent one of the latest trends in the health and fitness industry. It is always interesting to see how people use the scales for different purposes. As a family scale, it can work for all members as some models even come with user recognition functionality.

Elderly people may use the scale to measure bone mass which can be reduced in time. Gym-goers might use a smart scale to push for weight loss or weight gain. But is a smart scale truly worth it?

What you get in terms of technology

Bioelectrical impedance technology is at the core of many of these scales. The technology sends a small intensity current through the body and makes the readings within seconds. So what types of readings can you expect?

Body fat readings – these are the most common readings you get with a smart scale. As most users want to reduce the overall body fat level in their bodies, this is the main feature of the scales and it can be easily indicated with a percentage.

You generally want to maintain a body fat level below 15% for a healthy margin. Going below 10% is more difficult and requires more focus with the diet and nutrition together with regular exercises.

Hydration levels – hydration is essential to sustain all the functions in the body. This is why it can be a good idea to track the water level in our body. However, many users feel the readings are too broad and not constant enough. But this can be caused by a simple timing issue.

For the most accurate results, you should always measure using the same variables. You can measure your hydration level early in the morning after you weak up. This way you won`t have consumed any water or other liquids and the body will be closer to the previous reading.

Muscle mass – muscle mass can also be measured and the good news is that there are scales which can indicate the mass according to the body part. For example, some scales can show you that you have more muscle on the right arm than on the left arm. This is when you will need to know to adjust your training routine in the gym accordingly.

Visceral fat – this type of fat is different to the overall body fat as it targets the area around the abdomen. But why is this reading important? The truth is that the fat around the waist gets burnt after all the other fat in the body. This means you will need some extra efforts to get rid of the fat in this area.

Of course, there are also some associated risks with this fat. For example, males might encounter higher risks of circulatory problems if they maintain high levels of visceral fat for a long period of time.

Body age – another interesting reading comes with the body age approximation. This is one of the technologies which can be used as an argument for people who say sports and physical activity has no connection to a healthy and strong body.

As you will see, the more you progress with your fitness level the more difference this will make in your body`s age. Cardiovascular resistance might be responsible with reduced body age but keeping track of the indicator can be a good method of actually proving yourself that the fitness efforts are worth it.

Measuring fitness performance

The next point which makes a strong case for smart scales is with fitness performance. While you can approximate the progress yourself, you can find that using a smart scale can actually show you real progress.

Keeping track of the fitness indicators might not be required if you are healthy, but they are certainly required when trying to fight obesity of anorexia.

This is why even specialists will take measurements to see if you are actually progressing with your efforts. Thus, a smart scale is not only a choice for healthy people but it can actually represent a fantastic tool if you are pushing towards gaining weight or losing fat.

How often should you use a smart scale?

Depending on your goal, a smart scale can be used every day or at least weekly. Using a scale every day is recommended by some manufacturers. This is why some models come with daily weather updates also.

So are smart scales really worth it? The short answer is: yes. But the truth is that smart scales should not only be used when you get a recommendation from the doctor to tackle obesity or anorexia.

A smart scale should also be used when you are healthy to maintain an active lifestyle. The more chances you have to improve your body the more chances you get to be healthier.

Although it is not truly desired by all people to involve apps and smartphone into all aspects of their lives, this is one of the areas that could actually benefit you in the long term. Without losing focus, you can try and push for better health and more importantly, better results for long periods of time.

This is another problem many people struggle with. It is not just about reaching a goal and stopping, but good health should be a constant process. The truth is that these patterns cannot be seen easily and unless you write them down they are also harder to predict.

Thus, it might be worth it to just focus on maintaining good fitness levels and synchronizing the readings with your smartphone is the easiest way to do this.

Most modern smart scales make readings in a matter of seconds and then instantly synchronize to your smartphone. This can be a good opportunity to look back on your progress and focus on improving or maintaining your results.

With complex readings like bone density, change will not come overnight. But it is important to constantly measure so that you always know that you are going in the right direction.

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