How Do Smart Scales Work

How Do Smart Scales Work

Smart scales offer a solid tool to measure health indicators such as body fat percentage, bone mass or even hydration levels. These scales come in all shapes and sizes and unlike traditional alternatives, they can connect to your smartphone to synchronize the data and create an archive which can help you track your fitness progress.

Bioelectrical impedance

Bioelectrical impedance is the technology which sits at the base of modern smart scales. The technology sends a small intensity current through the body which analyzes characteristics such as body fat percentage.

The body’s composition is always changing, especially when you try to achieve a goal like losing or gaining weight. This is when most people tend to use a smart scale at home as it can help them navigate their fitness journey from an organized perspective.

What makes a smart scale?

Besides this technology, smart scales have been considered one of the alternatives to connect body composition readings to a smartphone or to a laptop. This brings the scales in the modern age and to achieve this they can be based on some popular mobile technologies.

Bluetooth is one of the technologies which have been used to synchronize the readings from the scale to the computer. The technology has the advantage of coming with mobile integration.

This means that most modern smartphones come with this quick data transfer alternative. Another technology used for data transfer is Wi-Fi. The way the scale work is by connecting to your homes` wireless network and making the data synchronization directly through the local connection to your computer.

Many new users might feel that these technologies can have limitations. To an extent, this might be the case. But it is also worth noting that many smart scales can make the readings even without these connectivity options when the device is out of range. The synchronization is done later, when the smartphone gets in the range of the scale.

What powers smart scales?

Smart scales work with regular batteries which can power the device. Simpler scales will come with batteries which last longer. But most modern scales are packed with features which mean they will need new batteries more often. So what do you need to improve the life of your batteries? It all has to do with the technologies your scale comes with.

If you have a scale with a touchscreen display you will probably need powerful batteries. If your scale comes with a complete range of readings such as for body fat, bone density and muscle mass, it may require the same quality batteries changed more often. The display is also important.

A classic digital display comes with greater energy efficiency. A modern display with LCD technology or OLED technology will require more energy to last a similar amount of time.

What are smart scales used for?

Smart scales are used to measure a series of body composition elements such as hydration levels. Although not all scales come with top technologies, you will find that most models can at least measure weight and body fat percentage.

Measuring body fat

Measuring body fat is how smart scales became popular. Just a few years ago, this technology was only available to professionals such as doctors. Now, the technology is widely available and can be used in your home. This means you can measure your body fat percentage on a weekly basis. But why would you measure body fat?

If you are concerned about your health or if you have been a recommended a healthy lifestyle to improve your health, you will be one of the people looking to measure body fat levels. This can give you an indication of your diet and exercise level. If you have a poor diet and a reduced physical activity level, you will have a higher risk of an increased percentage of body fat.

Measuring hydration levels

Hydration level can be crucial since the human body is mostly made from water. This means that keeping a good hydration is very important, especially when you begin an intense exercise routine. If you know how to hydrate during regular activities during the day, your body changes these characteristics and you will be required to drink more water after intense workouts.

This, of course, needs to be maintained every day. This is where a smart scale can help you keep track of all these essential indicatives which will be part of your healthy lifestyle. You can add the benefit or going back and comparing your hydration levels to your current readings and this can help you better understand your body.

Muscle mass levels

Muscle mass starts to decrease with age. This is why you can try to limit the effect of aging on your muscles with a targeted nutrition and an adequate physical activity regime. This means that you will be able to influence this process and this is where a smart scale might come as a practical tool to help you understand the direction in which you are going.

The good news is that the scale can also work for young people who want to develop their muscle mass or who want to establish a better ratio of body muscle to body fat, which can be a good way to increase your metabolism.

Muscle mass is also linked with weight loss since more muscle will burn more fat. This is why it is important to consider that muscle mass readings are a good addition to any smart scale.

Smart scales use bioelectrical impedance technology to make readings on your body`s composition. Without looking for too many options, you will soon realize that not all scales offer the same readings. Some are limited to body fat readings.

Others combine this with other readings such as those for bone density, muscle mass or even hydration levels. It will be up to you to decide which features are suited for your needs. And a good way to determine this is by assessing where you are trying to get with your fitness goals.

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